company profilePure Boutique supplies Ltd started in 2012 as a sole proprietorship and in 2015 it was registered as a Limited company, CPR/2015/193534. Pure boutique is a subsidiary of Summer Engineering and Trading Ltd which started trading in 2013.

Pure Boutique supplies Ltd was set up specifically to meet the needs of small independent hotels, guest houses, lodges and home based linen. Three years later we are able to offer affordable guest amenities as well as increasing our range of products such as linen, towelling, room accessories and safety products to meet needs in the hospitality industry. With our in-house design team and printing department, we are able retain your individuality by personalising any of your bathroom products determined to enhance hotel room standards. Branded materials include corporate identity materials like Business cards, letterheads, calendars, coasters, magnets, pocket folders, menu folders, holders, door hangers, platters, key holders, Point of sale displays include fliers, brochures, catalogues, etc. Exceptional service delivery and quality products has maintained our Niche market on excellence in the hospitality industry.
As a preferred supplier in the hospitality industry for East and Central Africa, we strive to ensure that we offer the quality and knowledge of what is expected of you from your guests.

Our Specialty
Dedicated to meet or exceed our customers' quality specifications and requirements.
 Delivering what you need... when you need it!
 Providing quality products at competitive costs, value-added services, technical support and information
 Custom tailored room amenities and textiles with your Logo through embroidery, screen printing and engraving
 We have efficient Logistics infrastructure that ensures on-time, economical delivery
 Commitment to continuous improvement in customer satisfaction
 In excellency we support and train on our products and application assistance
 At Pure Boutique supplies ltd we develop branded marketing campaigns. We imperatively don’t skimp on materials but ensure we offer the best paper grades, inks, finishes and state-of-the-art printing presses so your company leaves the very best impression.